Music to have sex to

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It's not as bad as it sounds but it is pretty unusual. Whether you're embarking on an extra-long sex seshpenciling in some sweet solo timeor just adding a soundtrack to an already fun nightmusic helps! In fact, it can be the deciding factor between whether or not you're getting laid tonight. Ear porn. It's worth pointing out that 39 percent of people also say they enjoy listening to music more than having sex.

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Kick things off with a song that sets the mood and makes things feel hot and sexy.

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52 Songs to Have Sex To

Glad you asked. It brings out the inner stripper in me, and makes me feel more connected to whatever man I'm doing it with. The lyrics and delivery epitomize Prince's libidinous swagger, and the rapped vocals are among his least embarrassing hip-hop attempts; best of all is a killer groove that assures you Prince can keep it up all night long. Unsurprisingly, there's another chemical reaction going on when this happens. Alli, 29, says that this one is hers.

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music to have sex to
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music to have sex to
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